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We will answer any of your questions, but first we would recommend you to read our FAQ section. If you can not find the answer to your query, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email address: 

What is an Online Memorial?

An online memorial is a webpage on the internet, dedicated to your loved one. The site contains features such as: 

Audio Clips / Video Clips
Background Music
Life Story
Light a Candle
Tributes and Condolences

Online memorials are not meant to replace traditional methods of remembrance and memorialization such as headstones and obituaries, but rather offer an additional means of remembering lost loved ones.

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Who creates a Memorial Website?

Memorial Websites can be created by a wide range of people, from close relatives of the deceased, to friends and colleagues of the deceased.

The creator of the site can use our “tell your friends” feature to notify others of the Memorial Website’s existence so that they can view the tribute and leave their own tributes and messages of condolence.

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Why create a Memorial Website?

There are many reasons why someone would want to create a Memorial Website, but perhaps the most important one for many people is that they want their loved ones to be remembered forever. Creating a Memorial online gives them the opportunity to make sure that the lives of those who have passed away will never be forgotten.

Most users who create an online memorial describe the process as therapeutic as it can often help with the bereavement process to write memories, stories and messages to their loved ones down. By putting these things onto a Memorial Website, the creator of the tribute can truly reflect upon the person’s life and will also become part of a community of people who are all dealing with grief. This is very important as most people who have lost someone they care for can initially feel quite isolated and may need someone to talk to who understands exactly what they are going through.

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How can somebody access the Online Memorial?

Each Memorial Webpage is connected through this webportal.  This allows the user to search for their loved ones from the main page. 

This address can be given out to family members and friends, who will then also be able to go straight to the Memorial Website.

This means that the public also have access to your Memorial Website, which allows them to view it and offer their own condolences. Most of our users have also suffered a loss of their own and so know what you are going through.

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What if I don’t want the public to view my Memorial Website?

Although it can be beneficial to share your loved ones’ story with others, we understand that some people would rather keep their tributes private from the public. Please keep in mind that this website is made by members of the SCA, Inc. for members of the SCA, Inc.

At this time you are unable to choose to have the Memorial set private here. We view the collected history of the Society beneficial to all involved. There are no plans for the future to add the ability to make an entry private. We thank you for your understanding.

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How long does it take to create an Online Memorial?

Creating a Memorial Website takes a matter of minutes. Once you have filled in a form with a few details about yourself and about the deceased, then that is the memorial created. However, most people like to then edit the site and add photographs, audio clips and the life story of the person who has passed away. This means that you can spend as little or as much time as you like editing and adding things to the online memorial.

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How much does it cost to create a Memorial Website?

Creating a Memorial Website does not cost anything. It will be hosted absolutely free of charge forever. However, the website hosting is not free. We will accept donations to support this website from everyone wishing to do so. 

Also, any additional funds will be donated to an SCA charity. Every quarter, SCA will donate all proceeds to charity. The money will be split between a large charity and a smaller charity or trust.

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How long will my Memorial Website remain online?

After the creation of your Memorial Website, it will remain online for as long as this web service exists.

If you or any visitor choose to donate to the website, allowing future generations to view it and leave their own personal messages and tributes, would be greatly appreciated.

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How can you ensure my Online Memorial will be online forever?

Each memorial created is saved onto our dedicated server (the computer system responsible for holding and storing memorial information) which contains a backup, which, in the unlikely event of the server failing, will store all of the memorial data. This means that each individual memorial will remain safe and secure no matter what.

Backups are made monthly and are saved off site.

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How do I add a memorial?

As of 12/15/2012 the Memorials require specific data in order to be entered.

Your first entries will be for Mundane information listed on the Details page, as shown below. The Custom Fields tab is for the Persona or SCA information.


 Please note: Funeral Date is NOT required any more.

As this is a work in progress, the fields above will move in position as enhancements are made to the website. Thank you for your understanding.

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