Ian Sloane Donovan
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Ian Sloane Donovan, mundanely known as Daniel Karl Killoran, was born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts. He entered the world of the SCA in the Barony of Bergental alongside his beloved lady, Genevieve de St-Denis (MKA Rosalie Kubik Ferris) in 2007. Due to his honor and duty, he couldn't attend more than a few events a year, and his attendance waned as he approached his last year on this earth, as he was the sole caretaker to his ailing mother. In spite of this, anyone who met him is sure to never forget him.  He was larger than life, with an impish grin and a hearty laugh. He was a leprechaun with a gift for storytelling, and there was always one more, longer than the last. He is sorely missed by his lady and his 3 sons, 2 of whom play in his name today.



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