Alive in our Memories

What is

This SCA Memorial website is intended to collect and share the history of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.'s members. This is not a part of the SCA, Inc., but built by its Members, for its Members.

In this main site you will be able to follow the postings about the construction and implementation of each Kingdom's individual Memorial Site. The previous design was hounded by too many layers of information with trying to fit all Kingdoms and the Society's growth under one site.

Creating the place for sharing and protecting our memories

There will be sites under the umbrella that will highlight the individual Kingdom, their own history and individual passion for the Dream. Each will be able to be found through this site, and inter-linked to support the entire Society.

For example, a website like "" will be created to hold the memories of the West Kingdom. (Please note that this site has not been built yet.)

Creating a Kingdom site

Once a Kingdom is aware of their site and it has been built for entries to be added, we will want to have individual teams from those Kingdoms involved in the growth and support of our absent friends.

It is our intent to have the focus on a single Kingdom at a time to rebuild a secure location for all of our collective memories.

Template, site settings, and modules

The look and feel of each site will be controlled by the team of volunteers from that Kingdom. The modules and offerings will be the same across all sites, keeping the options open wide to hold as much history and information as possible to preserve our own memories.

Support and Volunteering

Your help will be critical in the success of this grand endeavor. The time is now to volunteer as plans are just beginning. The more hands the less work for each of us to do this.

Learn more

Please contact us directly for more information.